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When you’re planning for you and your family, don’t cut corners

This site collects your personal details and the extent of the cover you want. By return, a short list of insurers comes back. The first step is to read the policies on offer. Do not buy health insurance without first reading the small print. Although it is tempting to pick the policy that has the lowest premium, this can be a false economy. You need to see exactly what health risks are covered and how much you will have to pay as expenses or co-payments. Only then can you see which policy represents the best value. Take your time. You need to get the best policy you can afford.

With health insurance premiums rising fast, families are being forced to take uncomfortable decisions. What essentials after food and the home should you keep going when your budgets are under pressure? The answer in most cases is health. Drugs cost more to buy directly. The cost of hospital treatment is even more alarming. Insurance is necessary, even though you may have to agree bigger co-payments. The way to get the best cover is to shop around. This site does that for you, contacting all the major insurers, giving you the chance to find the best value-for-money policy.